Always amazes me how a little SSAO make the geometry pop. Very essential with voxels IMO.

Think I'm settling for a little variation (round health powerup) and brighter colors.

I did some tweaking on the powerups today and also found a great variant of the standard shader with a depth write prepass (ghost shader), where the geometry of an item does not shine through, which is exactly what I searched for. It's for download here:

Implemented the UI (Menu, InGame and GameOver) as separate scenes in . They are still WIP and I'm thinking of switching them to a more traditional 2D view, I think that would be a nicer contrast to the 3D scenes in the background.

Two great articles (ok, one is a conference keynote) I stumbled over, which are both a very good read on the so called "indiepocalypse" (spoiler: We're gonna be ok).

Today's lesson: Medium is bad. They've suspended our account and blocked access to all our published stories for bogus reasons and with only 12 hours notice.

Gotta give a shoutout to Jetbrains. Their licensing model is almost ridiculously fair. Even though I interrupted my subscription for a couple of weeks they still offer me a continuity discount and add my subscribed month onto a yearly perpetual license, giving me 20% off on the last 3 month of the year. Happy customer over here.

If your event is sponsored by Facebook or Google, itโ€™s not about freedom or human rights. Events that are are not sponsored by corporations that make money by restricting the former and violating the latter.

# SurveillanceCapitalism #whitewashing

hear ye! hear ye!

The official #blender #peertube instance will be mirroring videos from it's official #youtube channel. So for all you #alternative, #freedom-loving, #opensource peeps we can now #deleteyoutube as well:)

I'm having one of those "the world is going to hell and I'm sitting here making video games" moments. I hate those.

#Google has dropped plans to open a large campus in a trendy district of #Berlin that were strongly opposed by local campaigners.

n September activists occupied the building it was to be located in for several hours.

They also put up stickers in the area with slogans such as "Goodbye Google" and "Google is not a good neighbour".

Some were against what they said were Google's "evil" practices, such as tax evasion and the unethical use of personal data.


Was loading the new GMail interface out of curiosity (not using it personally) and it took 12sec to load event, with 17MB in assets. Google, wtf?

Reading through the theming talk and trying to give Adwaita a chance, but man, my Arc Dark theme looks so much nicer - and even feels better integrated...

Just set up as a personal DNS server and Ad blocker, while also enabling logging - and HOLY MOLY, there is so much outgoing DNS requests from my network, even though I do nothing. It's so creepy, everything seems to be phoning home.

Today I re-enabled the screen shake effect with my new based camera rig with the ImpulseSource and Listener components. Amazingly simple!

Ubuntu MATE 18.10 bespoke images for the GPD Pocket and GPD Pocket 2 are now available ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿง

Spent the last two days moving my environment over to . There is still proprietary software in it like and Jetbrains Rider, but itโ€˜s a foundation to built upon.

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